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    We would highly appreciate if our esteemed guests can leave few words on your experience with Bhutan Mountain Bike Adventure as your tour operator.

  • Ed

    I had a great few days with Karma. This was after I had to cancel an earlier trip. Karma went way out of his way to get me refunds. When I rescheduled, I was rewarded richly. The scenery is beautiful and Karma is a great rider and guide. His choice of hotels was very good; all decent quality and no tacky tourist places. He is completely trustworthy and knowledgeable. Go with this guy.

  • Paul and Tia, from Kodiak

    We had a great trip cycling the route of the Tour of the Dragon, from Thimphu to Bumthang, and on to Ura. It was pleasant, progressively more rural cycling as we headed east, long ups and downs with great scenery. The support was more than we were used to, the guides very attentive, the bikes in good condition and the accommodate were very good. My only regret is not being able to cycle all the way to Sandrup Jongkar, on the border with India. Karma is very invested in promoting bicycle touring in Bhutan. We would go with him again, if given the opportunity.

  • Dom

    I cycled with Karma from Paro to Sandrup Jonghar in December 2013 over a two week period. The trip was extremely well planned and individually tailored to all of my requests. I hired an almost new well maintained Commencal mountain bike from Karma that was equipped with a decent drive train and good quality disc brakes and tyres. I am unused to undertaking such organised tours but it was very enjoyable and I would love to return to experience more of the beautiful and unspoiled country that Karma had introduced me to on this fascinating journey. Karma and his companionable team members are very experienced and strong cyclists and I had full confidence in their judgement and planning abilities and attention to all details including assessing my own fitness levels. Despite being much slower than Karma I felt at ease and at leisure to pedal at my own pace to fully enjoy the exhilarating ride. I cannot recommend highly enough the Bhutan cycling experience with Karma’s team and I would love to venture back and see more of this unusual and captivating country with his company. The accommodation surpassed my expectations both in quality and variety and I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to stay for one night in a rural and very welcoming village house in an area where no formal hotel options exist. In summary the scenery and unique cycling experience were unforgettable and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have visited beautiful Bhutan.

  • Volker And Jochen

    Amazing singletrack, amazing country and even better guides and organization…

    We just returned from a 10 days singletrack adventure from Bhutan and it was better than
    we ever expected!
    We wanted to travel to Bhutan already since 2 years and tried to find information about
    possible singletracks / singletrails. We didn’t want to ride too much on the street since the
    nature is simply to beautiful too miss. Due to the lack of information in the web, we always
    went to other countries for off-road mountainbiking where we could be sure to find suitable MTB trails.

    This year the whole discussion started again and this time we found Karma and his website http://www.bhutanmountainbike.com.
    The information provided and the contact with Karma (which is the owner) was top notch
    and he assured us that Bhutan has amazing trails with lots of flow, rock gardens, roots and the perfect
    nature. The response time to emails was really fast and withing a few days everything was crystal clear.
    Bhutan it is!!
    Karma assured us that we don’t have to ride our fat tire bikes on tarmac if we don’t want too ;-)
    In the end we enjoyed even the uphill on the street after our brakes needed some rest.

    We finally arrived in Bhutan and everything was even better than expected. The whole organization of Karma
    was perfect and well planned.
    We immediately connected to the still small MTB community in Bhutan and we discovered awesome trails and enthusiastic
    MTB riders!
    We had everything from difficult to fast and flow!
    But the best…. we had the perfect guide (Sonam) and our driver/photographer (Jamyang) who made this whole
    trip even more special.
    It felt like traveling with a group of friends! After 10 days it was hard to say goodbye but without work no
    epic trips like these.

    What could’ve been better… ? Nothing… maybe we should have bought a bottle of the amazing whiskey.

    We wish Karma, Sonam and Jamyang and all MTB riders of Bhutan all the best… We will come again, maybe with even
    wider tires!


  • David Fiore

    I had a marvelous time cycling with Karma and his shop! I was in Bhutan for the month of October 2014 and was fortunate to hook up with him for some great rides. We rode up the valley to hike to Cherri Monastery as a warm up. Then we did a two day ride to Ha and then over Chelela in a monsoon! It was quite an adventure, but Karma came through and found us a great place to say in Paro even though the road closures meant everything was booked. It helps to have someone with connections!

  • Nikhil S Ranga

    Best experience I’ve had. I’m a regular trekker and I decided to try on-road biking. The whole experience was amazing ! Karma greeted us at the airport and we drove to thimpu and started our tour. We stayed in Bhutan for 10 nights and biked for 5 days. The environment in bhutan is pristine . we went up to bhumtang and drove back .. Our guide Nima and Jamyang were very friendly and made our trip memorable. I wish I had stayed for longer and I’d definitely go back to bhutan again for a longer vacation with karma. Cheers!

  • Jenna Thompson

    As a solo female traveler, I spent 6 days riding (July 1-6, 2015) in Bhutan with Karma. Karma and his staff are very professional and can tailor the trip to you personally while providing you with a high quality bike. Bhutan offers great biking for all levels and Karma is a great guide and rider. Bhutan is a beautiful country that is untouched and well worth a visit, whether you want to ride or trek.

    If you are thinking about visiting Bhutan get in touch with Karma to have the best experience possible!!! It was a short visit for me and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I definitely plan to return for a longer visit.

  • Rahul Mukim

    I loved every bit of my trip. Karma is a great host, he’s passionate about cycling and more importantly about Bhutan. The trip was planned really well, but Karma still left significant room for improvisation. For e.g. he planned an impromptu trip to the Phobjikha valley which was not part of itinerary.

    Bhutan is awesome for cycling, the roads though battered, present unique challenges especially on the climb. Karma’s recommendation on the cycling routes were spot on and some of the most beautiful I have cycled to. What remains with me from the trip however, was the arduous trek to Phajoding monastery with Karma, and the lunch at the top of the peak in complete tranquility. I’ll take that sense of calmness and peace I felt at the monastery, and will close my eyes and remember those moments whenever I am stuck in the chaos of Delhi.

    It was also lovely having dinner on the final day with Karma and his family (which is really cute). Thanks Karma for a great trip and hope to see you again next year,


  • Alison

    I had an absolutely amazing 6 day trip with Karma in Bhutan. He personalised the trip according to my biking ability and I loved every day. Karma is really passionate about Bhutan and biking, so he is the ideal person to travel with. I learnt so much about this beautiful country while biking around every day. It was stunning! Karma also ensured that my dietary requirements (vegan) were strictly adhered to, something I really appreciated. Every meal I ate was delicious! A really wonderful trip, thank you so much Karma!

  • Ela

    Mountain biking really is the best way to see Bhutan! Karma knows all the trails and was even instrumental in their discovery and development. The offroad trails exceeded our expectations, for a small country Bhutan has some amazing singletrack. It was great being our own group of two, meaning that we could go at our own pace. Karma was very flexible and we managed to pack a lot of riding in to five days, plus some culture and a walk up to the Tigers Nest as well.

    All the logistics were very smooth and we were very well looked after (including bike washing and packing, quite a service). Karma also knows all the cool places to eat and of course the good coffee stops for refuelling. The guesthouses we stayed in were all nice, clean and spacious. There were also some really nice touches such as tea and biscuits on arrival back at the guesthouses and full lunch bought to the river mid ride, details that make you feel a bit spoilt in a good way. In summary we’re already dreaming of coming back to ride the trail in Bumthang and others that Karma is currently searching out.

  • Ian Macleod

    Bhutan is a wonderful country and surely the best way to explore it is by bike, in combination with foot and vehicle where appropriate. Add to this a thoughtfully constructed itinerary guided by expert and charming hosts, and you have the makings of an unforgettable visit. This is what makes Bhutan Mountain Bike Adventure a very special team.

    We spent 7 fantastic days in Bhutan and from beginning to end there was no point at which our group of three riders would have done things differently, in part because our wishes were taken into account, and also because the BMBA team know their game so well. We biked to our limits, with just the right mix of ‘big days’ (3500m gross climb on rough road/ track) and lesser days (1500m on kinder surface) always with the option of ‘bailing’ into the van should the need arise. Five riding days were interspersed with a day exploring Thimphu, the capital, and the 1000m climb to the ‘Dragons nest’ along with numerous visits to Dzongs and other places of interest. Rensin, our guide, kept things rolling both on and off road, and provided invaluable insights into the country, its beliefs and traditions. Karma, the convivial and highly experienced founder of BMBA, joined us at various points on the trip including two of the riding days, and added greatly to the mix. Our accommodation was comfortable and clean, attended by charming staff and food was of a good standard, causing no upsets. We were able to spoil ourselves with the odd night at a fancier establishment at modest additional cost, providing additional variety but not putting the other places in the shade.

    I look back on our trip with a broad smile on my face and hope one day to return.

  • Marc Solsona

    We want to visit Bhutan, we were very lucky to contact with BMBA tours. Karma, the manager, has organized a very well prepared bike tour.He really knows the trails and the area. We were a group of 8 friends, we appreciated the flexibility of Karma and his knowledge in order to make plans easier for the group.
    If you plan an active holiday, hiking, biking or a tailor made trip, BMBA should be your choice.

  • Anna

    We spent an amazing two weeks in this wonderful country riding from Paro in the West to Samdrupjongkhar in the South East (13-day trip overall). Our high expectations were exceeded. The beauty of Bhutan, the friendliness of the people and the tasty, organic food made every day unique and memorable. Sangay and Dorji, our guides, were competent and forthcoming. They found scenic spots for picnic, made us taste local fruits along the road and even introduced us to their family members. No question remained unanswered and we appreciated their candid insights into the every-day-life of Bhutanese people. Although cycling in high altitude is physically demanding the beauty of the country kept us going. The roads have been challenging at times but our bikes were brand new and most reliable. We also found the motorists very considerate and felt safe all along.

    Cycling across Bhutan with BTMA was an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend BMBA!

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