We provide the following repair services for all types of mountain bikes.

  • Overhaul
  • General bike cleaning
  • Suspension cleaning and greasing
  • Headset greasing
  • Bottom bracket greasing
  • Brake wire and housing replacing (including new caps)
  • Gear wire and housing replacing (including new caps)
  • Rim alignment
  • Pedal greasing
  • Disc brake bleeding
  • Puncture repair
  • Gear and brake tuning
  • Wheel build
  • Bottom bracket/crankset/sprocket/chain (replace/servicing)
  • Spoke replacing
  • Brake pad replacing/servicing
  • Disc brake pad/rotor cleaning
  • Disc brake adjustment
  • V-brake adjustment
  • Bike build/dismantle/packing in box

Other related services are provided based on the nature of the problem on the bicycle(s).

Please contact us for repair charges.